The Southernwind Pools Construction Process

Southernwind is committed to building you a quality pool that will bring you years of pleasure and add to the value of your home. That’s why we’ve created this rigorous construction process. We’re proud of our product and our company operations, and strive to be the most professional company in the industry.

1. Layout and Dig

In this first phase of construction, the basic shape of your pool’s shell is painted on the ground in your yard, the hole is dug, and excess dirt is removed. The hole will be slightly larger and deeper than the finished pool, as the pool shell wall and bottom will take up some of this area.

2. Pre-Plumbing/Interior Plumbing

It’s now time for the installation of all interior/underground plumbing. We will dig trenches as necessary and place high-grade NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved “Schedule 40” PVC pipe and fittings in place. For the time being, they will be “stubbed out,” for completion after the “shotcrete” phase is complete.

3. Steel and Inspection

After your pool has been dug, we will line the hole with reinforcing “steel rebar” to add the strength required for your pool’s Shotcrete shell. We will attach a ground wire to this steel for later use in grounding your pool equipment.

After installing the steel rebar, we will notify your municipality that the job is ready for a “steel-and-ground inspection.” An inspector will review your pool plans and inspect the job site to make sure everything is up to code. We will then schedule the Shotcrete phase.

4. Shotcrete

Average time: 1 day.

Our crews will pneumatically apply the concrete that makes up your pool’s shell and steps. If your pool design includes any swim-outs, fountains, or a Shotcrete spa, those elements will be part of this phase as well.

5. Post-Shotcrete Cleanup

Average time: 1 day.

Our crews will remove the forms used to shape your pool, and haul away any trash that is left in the area. (This step often occurs at the same time as step #6 – “Plumbing.”)

6. Plumbing

Average time depending on inspections/weather: 3 to 5 days.

Our plumbing crews will install your pool pump, filter, and gas heater (if part of your pool design), and dig trenches to lay pipe from your pool to the pool equipment. Any pipes for water features such as sprays, fountains, or rock falls will be installed, along with pool return lines and skimmer(s). While our tile crews install the actual skimmer, our start-up crews will install heads for any water features in your design during later construction.

We also run the conduit used for your pool’s lighting system and install lights and light fibers if your pool has fiber-optic lighting. In accordance with your municipality, there will also be a series of inspections.

7. Tile and Coping

Average time depends on scope of work and delays: 7 to 14 days.

Our tile crews will install your pool’s waterline tile and skimmer(s). Additional work may also be performed during this phase by a different set of crews if rock is used in your pool’s design.

If your pool design includes a rock waterfall that is inside the pool, this can be installed after the tile has been installed, and completed prior to the deck phase.

If your pool design requires a retaining wall at the edge of any part of your deck, it will be constructed at this time. If your design includes a turn-down wall, it will be poured as part of the deck fabrication.

8. Electric

Average time depends on scope of work and delays: 1 to 3 days.

Our electric crews will run the conduit for the main electric supply used by your pool equipment. They will also install lighting and any wiring necessary for your pool. This step often occurs in parallel with “tile and coping” and/or “deck installation.”

9. Deck Installation

Your pool design may include may include any number of different deck materials. Additionally, each municipality has its own requirements for deck inspections, including termite treatments, forming inspections, etc. If your pool design requires a retaining wall at the edge of any part of your deck, we will install it BEFORE constructing your deck.

Our crews will form the shape of your deck and any planter areas, then run any drains included in your pool’s design. Any steel required by your municipality will be set and connected to the ground wire attached to your shell’s steel.

After the deck is formed, we will notify your municipality so they can inspect the deck, if required.

Once any inspections have been passed, we will schedule the pouring of your deck’s concrete. Once the concrete has been poured, we will apply your chosen rock or tile finish to the concrete deck.

10. Safety Protection Inspection

(Must pass before we can add the interior finish.)

Before applying the interior finish to your pool and filling it with water, you must have the appropriate alarms and/or fences in place, in accordance with building codes set forth by your municipality. We will inspect the pool area to ensure the barrier protection is up to code.

11. Interior Finish

Average time depending on finish: 2 to 3 days.

In this stage, we will carefully prepare the concrete surface of your swimming pool, and then apply your pool’s finish and fill the pool with water. Your finish will actually take several weeks to cure, even though you will be able to swim sooner than that.

12. Start-Up

After the pool is full of water, one of our technicians will put necessary chemicals in the water to help achieve the best possible finish for your pool. We will also install any special features such as spray heads, fountains, or computer controls at this time.

This also starts the FREE 90 day period where we will maintain your brand-new swimming pool for you.

13. Clean-Up

During this phase, we remove any trash that was created during the construction of your pool, and also complete the final grade of your yard.

14. Pool Orientation

In this step, we will show you how to use the features of your pool and equipment, as well as give you the opportunity choose from a variety of maintenance and service packages that allow you to enjoy your new pool hand free as you deserve.

15. Final Inspection

In most communities, an inspector from your municipality will inspect your pool area to ensure it is safe to use and everything has been properly completed. Your pool is now ready for you to enjoy!

Our Construction Process

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